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SXSW China Conference Day: Designing Digital Transformation Via Alibaba Cloud

  • JW MARRIOTT SALON 5 110 E 2nd St. AUSTIN United States (map)
王路平Luping Wang.jpeg

Luping Wang

Design Director, Alibaba Cloud

周月侨Maxine Zhou.jpeg

Maxine Zhou

User Experience Designer, Alibaba Cloud

The Alibaba Cloud infrastructure is powering and hosting many current tech breakthroughs from healthcare, to finance, to manufacturing, to smart cities. But the success of this impressive infrastructure depends on strong design, which can be the deciding factor on whether a technology will be in fully incorporated into our lives or just go the way of Google Glass. Learn how the experts at Alibaba Cloud Design put together products and platforms that are both visually stunning and fully functional for the digital-only generation of global 21st century users.