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SXSW CaoTai Music China Showcase

  • Elysium 705 Red River Street Austin, TX, 78701 United States (map)


STOLEN 秘密行动 is :
- 6 letters, two dots and four Chinese characters
- STrange OLd ENtertainment
- A Chengdu-based band started in 2008 ( 10 years of existence in 2018 )
- 6 people with different music backgrounds ( a bit like if Kraftwerk, Air, Aphex twin, Joy Division, Massive Attack, and Nine-inch nails decided to make a band together )
- 6 people from 4 different cities located from Sichuan to France crossing Xinjiang
- 100% self-made original visuals so you can’t see them anywhere else
- 4 China tours between 2013 and 2017 for 73 shows
- A first self-released EP home-recorded « Strange Old-fashioned- Entertainment » in 2013
- A first album recorded in Taiwan and released by Dafu records « Loop » in 2015
- A second EP « ST.OL.EN » in 2017 produced by the freshly met Mark Reeder
- A second album in progress produced by Mark Reeder planned for 2018
- An international career just started in December 2016 playing five shows during their first two trips abroad in Switzerland, France, and Reunion island nearby Madagascar

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LIA LIA is a Chinese - German-born pop artist, currently based in Berlin and LA. Her understated vocals paired with subdued electro fizzes will pull you immediately into her own unique bubblified universe of bittersweet youth and the agony of love. After growing up with dark fairy tales and their mysticism, LIA LIA’s first musical impact was the Chinese opera and chorale preludes, which she sang and performed throughout her childhood. She lived with her artist parents in an old factory building in a small village in
Germany until it got torn down and a university complex in Chengdu, China. At the age of 17, she moved to Shanghai and afterward started to travel the world living in cities such as Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Los Angeles on a journey to explore the unknown. In 2017, LIA LIA made a striking debut with her first Single “Olymp” followed by “Kids” and “Yin Yang”, supported by The Independent, NME, Gorilla vs. Bear and The Line of Best Fit among many others.

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AEM is a new electronic classical pop band comprising of four permanent musicians: Xiao Ying (keyboard, vocal), LUKA (electronic control, vocal), and Long Fei (BASS, vocal). Band gathers a number of professional musicians, cross-over classical and popular, Academic and the public. It is based on the creation of classical, electronic, rock and other multi-element pioneer music, and performs cross-border cooperation performances in galleries, art exhibitions, and high-end brands. Occasionally, according to the needs of the work, other musicians who include rock, pop, electro-acoustic and classical fields will join in the show.

AEM is known as Art et Métier and is the name of a subway station in Paris, France. It is a Place where Xiao Ying and Luka used to be. AEM's formational plan can be traced back to about four or five years ago, but the formation of the official team was in 2016.

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3He, a electronic musician live in Beijing, China. His music stylefocus on IDM,Glitch,Ambiet, also includes Down TEMPLE,Techno,Minimal,Electronica, etc.

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Shao Yanpeng aka Shao, previously known under the moniker Dead J, is one of China’s leading electronic artists.

His first album Mental Imagery was released in 2005 under China’s largest independent music label ModernSky, followed by two more albums Mental Magic(2006) and Psychedelic Elephant(2008). Shao was named ‘Best Electronic Artist’ at the 2007 China Music Media Awards for his album Mental Magic. In 2011,Shao released his fourth album ‘Tíng,Tái,Lóu,Gé’.In 2015, he signed legendary techno label Tresor records, joined Tresor ranks as China’s first artist, and released new EP Doppler Shift Pt.1.

In addition to his personal projects, Shao is also a highly sought-after composer and sound designer. He was invited by Goethe Institute to re-compose the soundtrack for the classic German silent film Metropolis. Shao also has an ongoing cooperation with leading Chinese theater director Meng Jinghui and created many unique compositions for Meng’s most popular plays such as Rhinoceros in Love, Soft, To Live, etc. These works have been performed globally more than 3,000 times. The play To Live was performed in the Deutsches Theater in Berlin and Thalia Theater in Hamburg.

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The Upside Down

The Upside Down, an indie band coming from Chongqing, was formed in 2016. It includes 4 members. Their first album was released on May 7, 2017.

As some music magazines in China said, the first album of The Upside Down with diligent producing and serious attitude is so rare in this impetuous world. They’re wandering through varied music elements, with exquisite and Orphean arrangements and literary lyrics. The magical melody would hover over your mind in a casual moment,making you flow through a pure dream, romantic melancholia, and calm thoughts.

As a young band formed less than 2 years, The Upside Down has already appeared on many stages, such as Inmusic Festival, Changjiang International Music Festival, Nuart Festival, and Candy Mountain International Art & Music Festival… and was invited to perform at Apple Store in Apple x Beats activity. Their first album becomes a hit one in some music platform after releasing, and was recommended by Apple Music, QQ Music, Xiami Music, Baidu Music, and Street Voice… and was invited to record a TV show which called China’s Top Band. And they released their new EP in summer.

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