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The Secret Sauce in the Sharing Economy

The confluence of new mobile and IoT technologies has enabled entirely new business models in the sharing economy - as well as new approaches to people-powered transportation. When a new product or service arises that solves a universal need, it can transcend national and cultural boundaries, spreading like wildfire as people incorporate it in their daily lives, and entire cities and industries are transformed. However, not every company succeeds in adapting their model to unique local conditions.
In the case of improving urban mobility, Mobike has led a smart dockless bikeshare revolution, growing to serve more than 200 million users in 215 cities across 18 countries in under two years. We’ll go deep into the lessons that the company has learned about the sharing economy on a global level, and what made possible this rapid growth.

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Future of Autonomous Flying Car is Coming

In 1962, an American animated sitcom told us a story about a futuristic family, The Jetsons, living in a world high above the ground, travelling by whimsical flying inventions. It is the mission of arts is to make dreams, while technology is to realize them. Today, 56 years later, a Chinese tech startup EHang truly take passengers into the sky with auto pilot. Derrick Xiong, EHang Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, will disclose the most cutting-edge technology and exciting reality of the world’s first Autonomous Aerial Vehicle “EHang184” at SXSW. The future of autonomous flying car is coming.

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Designing Cashless Cities

China has been on the e-commerce highway for over a decade, but people still live in the offline world. They go to malls, grocery stores, theaters, restaurants, etc. every day. Does Internet change their offline experience and payment methods? Ant Financial and Alipay are transferring hundreds of cities in China into cashless ones. Design has been playing a huge part in providing more equal opportunities to everyone and improving the living conditions and environments in China.

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Globalization of Chinese Enterprises and Products

The world is currently seeing Chinese enterprises' expand rapidly and their global influence increasing exponentially. And now, in addition to made-in-China clothing, toys, and plastic tools, China is exporting digital products, services, and capital. In this session, Peter Zou, the CEO & co-founder of Yeahmobi (China’s leading mobile marketing platform), will explore the globalization path of Chinese enterprises and how it influences the world’s mobile Internet environment.

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Shopping Festival Design

Alibaba created two festivals in China, Double 11 shopping festival and Taobao Maker festival. The 11.11 handily beat out Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the world’s largest online sale. The Taobao Maker festival spotlighted the young entrepreneurs that have become a prominent presence on Chinese ecommerce. We will explain how design played an important role in both festivals for branding, marketing, promotions, consumer engagement through VR, AR, real-time interactivity, and AI design.

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Enterprise Mixed Reality in China

As an early adopter of Enterprise Mixed Reality(EMR) and leading Mixed Reality company in China, DataMesh would like to share the experience of growing EMR applications with Chinese customers, key areas including TV broadcasting, civil planning, manufacturing and education. In this session you will be able to find out how companies in China are applying Enterprise Mixed Reality (EMR) technology, how DataMesh integrated EMR into their workflow.

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A Holistic Approach to China's Music Industry

Over the past few years, China has witnessed a transformation in its music market. Led by government efforts to legitimize the market, the growth of streaming and changing consumer behavior, it is now one of the fastest growing. But major challenges confront overseas artists and labels, from the Great Firewall to cultural differences and business practices. The panel will present a concrete roadmap to harnessing the Chinese market, from releasing music and promoting artists to touring.

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