Yeahmobi is an intelligent mobile advertising platform designed to help mobile technology companies reach global growth, acquire active users and monetize inventory. Headquartered in China, it has offices in Japan, US, South Korea, India, and Germany. Our vision is to “Flatten the World with Technology”, aiming to make a more easily accessible and connected world using the power of mobile internet. We operate in the field of consumer apps, mobile games, cross-border ecommerce, internet finance, lifestyle, travel and other industries, covering over 200 countries and regions, and delivering global coverage at large scale.



Optics Valley C-PLUS

Optics Valley C-PLUS,positioned as the camp of informations about innovation, entrepreneurship of Optics Valley, focused on Optics Valley innovation, entrepreneurship, incubator, venture capital, service and other creative areas, and tried to build a big ecological data platform of Optical Valley. Optics Valley C-PLUS took new media and professional consulting as the core attributes, combined online and offline business. It widely gathered entrepreneurial participants, such as investors, entrepreneurial projects, service agencies, and industry organizations, and provided professional services like news reporting, media promoting, strategic consulting, research projects, policy application, activities organizing, investment and financing. At present there are 5,000 entrepreneurship projects in the platform, reporting nearly 600 early projects, organizing about 100 road shows, and providing face-to-face counseling and professional consulting services for more than 200 projects.