People's Republic of Desire

In a digital universe where live streamers earn as much as $200K a month, can virtual relationships replace real-life human connection? People's Republic of Desire tells the stories of two such online stars who've risen from isolation to fame and fortune in China. The film takes us on a vérité journey through their live streaming showrooms, which have become virtual gathering places for hundreds of millions - from the super rich who lavish performers with digital gifts, to poor migrant workers who worship them. The characters are brought together in a series of bizarre online idol competitions, where they discover that happiness in their virtual world may be as elusive as in the real one.



Director:  Hao Wu

Executive Producer:  Jean Tsien, Sally Jo Fifer, Lois Vossen

Producer:  Hao Wu

Cinematographer: Hao Wu

Editor: Hao Wu

Sound Designer: Ron Bochar

Music: Michael Tuller

Principal Cast: Shen Man, Li Xianliang, Jiang Congyong

Additional Credits: Animation & VFX: Eric Jordan, Co-producer: Xin Liu, Consulting Editor: Nanfu Wang, Consulting Producer: Alison Klayman


World Premiere

Mar 10, 2018 Alamo Ritz 1
4:15pm —5:49pm 320 E 6th St

Mar 11, 2018 Alamo Lamar A
4:15pm —5:49pm 1120 S Lamar Blvd

Mar 14, 2018 Alamo Lamar A
5:30pm —7:04pm 1120 S Lamar Blvd


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